Why Attend

Why should you attend CrowdFunding Asia Summits? 

The crowdfunding industry is currently booming and there is something in it for everyone! Whether you are a business owner, an event organiser, a wacky inventor or a wannabe investor there is bound to be a way crowdfunding could benefit you.

The themes of each CrowdFunding Asia TM Summit are specially tailored to serve each country's needs, global exposure and growth. Keynote speeches, panel discussion and workshops are designed to Motivate, Communicate and Inspire you, to finding new opportunities and valuable skills. World practitioners and experts will be joining us at each summit for knowledge imparting, policies adopting, technology demonstrating and promoting campaigners.

Crowdfunding works when everyone buys that idea, when everyone wants to be part of it; it really works when everyone wants to see something different, something happen, something of greater value to the world. This is the call for the Power of One, where all of us come together to support the whole entire industry. It is the world that is taking shape, driving forward, creating this whole space of possibilities for people who faced challenges in the past to step fore with this entire crowdfunding platform.

We look forward to see you at each CrowdFunding Asia Summit to be part of this game changer, for we believe that One Crowd can change the landscape for a better world.

Watch the Keynotes and Sessions from CrowdFunding Asia Singapore Summit: