Why PHOENIXICT thinks that this is an industry to develop and not just a business to embark?

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It is like the Silicon Valley story or the dot-com days, the world of entrepreneurs and startup funding and finance is moving swiftly with what seems possible to the believer in CROWDFUNDING.

PHOENIXICT started with the intent of establishing a business model surrounding on bridging people and business together leveraging on crowdWISDOM. We were out seeking for funding to Venture capitalist but to no avail reason being we do not have a product or forecast other than the intangible contacts and connections.

We were to look at alternatives for we believe we have what it takes to serve the industry and to become global entity. If IBM takes two decades to succeed, Dell takes one-half decade to make their mark and Microsoft two over decades to be global leader.  PHOENIXICT believes there is a way…

We chance on the options of crowdfunding and strongly believe that this is definitely a call for driving ideas to help startup like ourselves as well as to promote crowdfunding as an industry to benefits country GDP – Asia can be ideal to join the global growth.

Being new kid on the block in crowdfunding, we are enrolling world practitioner and experts to come join us in this CrowdFunding Asia movement.

CrowdFunding Asia is structured and designed by PHOENIXICT and the CROWD who share the same vision of serving the community and startups for all great reason. Our content are crowd demand and driven…

The believe of CROWD POWER provides the CROWD WISDOM to drive CROWD ECONOMY through the options of CROWD FUNDING to realize idea into business and to exercise CROWD SOURCE to serve different skill sets and industries.

New as it is in Asia as an industry. We seek for support, sponsorship to attain success for the CROWD. PHOENIXICT intention and commitment in driving these summit is to raise the bar of awareness and to promote crowdfunding into strong options for innovators, startups as well community.

Interested parties, please email at or call us at +65 6224 1466