Crowdfunding; Exploring Potential & Possibilities in Nepal

Ever heard of Indiegogo, Kickstarter or Crowdfunder? What about the term crowdfunding? It was a pleasure of Nepal Entrepreneurs' Hub to host Kwek Hong Sin, Creator of CrowdFunding Asia to start CrowdFunding in Nepal.Thank You Niladri Parial from Write Weavers for an excellent write up.

Nepal Entrepreneurs' Hub is proud to bring in Hong Sin Kwek, who is Founder and CEO at Phoenixict Group, Creator CrowdfundingASIA, Business Consultant & Advisor, Investor & Entrepreneur. Along with Hong Sin Kwek, we have Mark Sears, Founder Cloudfactory and Saroj K Ghimire, Advocate, Supreme Court of Nepal Partner, Pradhan, Ghimire & Associates. Hong Sin Kwek will be talking about the crowdfunding platform and ways to use it, while Mark who has an extensive knowledge will share his stories and Saroj represents the legal aspect of the process.The session will be followed by a round table discussion. The questions will be entertained after each speakers and round table discussion.

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