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    Ir. Lolly Amalia Abdullah

    Director for Cooperation and Facilitation, Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy, Indonesia

    Crowdfunding is really the solution and help for the entrepreneurs especially digipreneurs to make their dreams come true by developing their IP for showing their capability, innovation and creativity, as well as their brand. So the crowdfunding just like a beam of light comes from the end of the tunnel for the digipreneurs

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    Ong Gin Keat

    Delegate from Singapore

    Considering the tight lead time to organise CFAsia 2014, the event was well organized and run by the proactive leaders and team of Phoenixict. CFAsia is an excellent platform for stakeholders to increase awareness and opportunities in crowd funding. I would recommend this event to our network.

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    Gadi Mazor

    General Partner & CTO, OurCrowd

    Phoenixict Pte Ltd managed to get a great group of thought leaders (industry players, legal, regulators) to an agenda-packed two days conference, that covered all the important issues of this emerging space, in a pace that made it possible to dive deep into the issues and to create long term relationships.

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    Paul Niederer

    Founder, ASSOB

    The quality of the speakers and attendees far surpassed my expectations. This was a quality event focussed on having all the stakeholders present for the transition to crowdfunding legislation in Asia. Regulators from most ASEAN countries, recognised leaders in equity crowdfunding, entrepreneurs and investors. The male : female ratio was higher than any other crowdfunding conference I had been to.

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    Fitrie Ratnasari

    Delegate from Indonesia

    I keenly believe Crowdfunding is the most enabling way to the inovator and entrepreneurs to realize their creative idea and with its borderless way, Crowdfunding will surely help them and elevate their stage of lives, eventhough they're in the edge of the world.

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    Manoj Sharma


    "CrowdFunding Asia in Thailand was by far the most interesting and valuable CrowdFunding and Equity Funding event that I've been to in the last 3 years. To get such depth and diverse points of views from both international and local experts in one place for 2 full days was highly productive.

    As a speaker / panelist and later a judge at their start up competition I couldn't have asked for better questions to have been asked of me. Another thing that stood out for me personally was how warm, receptive and down-to-earth the entire organising team was in dealing with both speakers as well as participants. It created a down-home vibe that quite simply enhanced the value of the conference.

    Truly well done."