Singapore Festival Bold 2015
Singapore Festival Bold 2015



Mrs. Methini Thepmani

Prime Minister Office of Thailand

   Mrs. Methini hold a Bachelor Degree in Accounting, Chulalongkorn University in 1979, furthermore, earned a Master Degree in Management Information Systems (MIS), University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA in 1982.

   She was Director of Information Technology Office Treasury Department Ministry of Finance since 1998.

   Then, she continues as Executive Director of ICT Industry Promotion Bureau and as executive Director of Policy and Strategy Bureau in Office of the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Information and Communication Technology since 2003 and 2008 respectively. She also served as Chairperson of ASEAN Information Infrastructure Working Group, ASEAN Telecommunications and Information Technology Senior Officials Meeting (TELSOM) between 2006-2008.

   She worked as Inspector General and Permanent Secretary in Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology since 2011 and 2014.

   Furthermore while in 2014-2015, she also served as Head of Thai Delegates such as 13th Session of the General Assembly of the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity: GA-13, Session of International Telecommunication Union: ITU Council, The 15th ASEAN Telecommunications and IT Senior Officials Meetings: TELSOM, ASEAN Special TELSOM and ASEAN TELSOM Joint Working Group, and APEC Telecommunications and Information Senior Officials’ Meeting.